TMA’s Powerful Events Calendar, 2023

Robust Events + Commercial Opportunities = Solving Critical Ocean and Water Challenges

Never has there been a better time to be (or become) a member of TMA BlueTech.

As a member-based organizer, we are constantly focused on opening commercial opportunities for our members. And we’ve found that the very best way to connect our companies to opportunities is by facilitating robust events that bring together the interests that serve our member's purposes.

To live our mission in 2023, we are organizing two international trade missions, and eight events throughout the year.

Where the trade missions are involved, we are working with state and federal agencies to facilitate trade opportunities to foreign markets for a wide range of innovative BlueTech companies.

Where the eight events are concerned, we do not seek to simply feature panelists and speakers to a passively listening audience. Rather, we will seek to facilitate an actively engaged environment where all participants have the opportunity to provide their insights. This group-think approach is designed to generate primer-conversations that will be expanded upon at our big show - the 15th Annual BlueTech Week (November 14-17) in San Diego. Our intention with our events is 5-fold:

1. Feature new and innovative technologies in the ocean and water tech sectors;

2. Outline challenge areas to growth and implementation of new technologies in these sectors and identify possible solutions;

3. Facilitate discussions among participants that solve identified challenge areas;

4. Create dynamic connections and integrated, collaborative possibilities among participating companies that serve points 1-3;

5. Allow for participants to facilitate, and benefit from, commercial opportunities

See all our events:

Here are the specific dates for these trade missions and events:

International Trade Missions

Trade Mission 1: Ocean Business 2023 Trade Delegation (click here for more information)

- Dates: April 16-21

- Location: Southampton, UK

Trade Mission 2: California Water Tech Trade Mission to Mexico (click here for more information)

- Dates: June 5-9

- Places: Tijuana, June 5-6 AND La Paz, June 8-9


Workforce Development: A Blue Economy Workforce for the Future (click here for more information)

●     Date: April 6th

●     Place: UCSD Extension on Greenwich in University City

Maritime: Trends and Opportunities in Maritime Data and Security (click here for more information)

●     Date: TBD (late in late May or late June)

●     Place: TBD

Space Applications: Space For Society (click here for more information)

●     Dates: June 14

●     Place: Virtual

Policy and Investment: Realizing the Power and Opportunity of Sustainable BlueTech (click here for more information).

●     Dates: September 19-20

●     Place: Cal State University Maritime

Ocean Conservation: How the Surfing Industry in California and Portugal Are Protecting Our Oceans (click here for more information)

●     Date: September 14th

●     Place: Scripps Seaside Forum

Offshore Renewable Energy: Norway and the U.S.: Companies Leading the Way Towards An Offshore Renewable Energy Future (click here for more information)

●     Date 1:  Virtual: September 26th and October 17th

●     Date 2:  In-person: BlueTech Week in San Diego (November 15-16, 2023)

15th Annual BlueTech Week: Maximizing Impact (click here for more information)

●     Dates: November 14-17

●     Place TBD

With the above calendar of events, we are confident that our members will have maximum opportunities to connect to commercial opportunities. These events will also draw broader recognition to the overall potential impact that a sustainable blue economy can (and will) create in San Diego, California, the West Coast US, and beyond. To keep abreast of the above activities, make sure to follow our LinkedIn page where we will provide updates on all of our activities.

If you would like to become a member of TMA BlueTech, and connection your company to commercial opportunities in the blue economy space, contact


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Stay tuned for more 2024 events!