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Together, with our many partners, we promote sustainable ocean and water industries

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Why Collaborate
with TMA

Collaboration is our “middle name” and we have done it regionally, nationally and internationally for over a decade. Collaboration allows us to leverage each other’s strengths.

We share, collaborate, and enjoy as we get more done faster and above all better than we can do it alone.  Our collaborators include academia, K-12 education, government, museums, NGOs, not-for-profit organizations, and more.  Contact us to explore how we can collaborate!

Who we partner with

We work across the Triple Helix - education, industry, and policy makers - to foster sustainable growth in ocean and water industries.


Working with academia and K-14 is critical to educate, train, and inspire the next generation.


Industry is critical to develop leading, cutting-edge technologies and good paying jobs.

Policy Makers

Policy makers are critical to set the framework - the rules and regulations - that promote sustainable, science-based ocean and water industries.

Why Join the TMA?

How we collaborate

Be part of the leading U.S. BlueTech cluster

Education & Workforce Development

TMA supports education projects with many organizations.  As examples, we work closely with MiraCosta College's Technology Career Institute on workforce development projects. And with San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) - we are helping introduce BlueTech across the whole TK-12 school district of 105,000+ students.


TMA is not a consulting firm, but our unique experience and approach have led to our selection to participate and/or lead a number of ground-breaking studies including with NOAA, Port of Seattle, San Diego Workforce Partnership, and UC San Diego.


TMA innovates by launching the BlueTech Incubator with our partners -the City of San Diego, Dentons (law firm) and Scripps Institution of Oceanography. TMA also received US Dept. of Commerce funding to organize the 1st ever U.S. Maritime Technology Export Initiative.


TMA has worked with numerous organizations on events nationally and internationally.  This includes our own annual BlueTech Week, Triple Helix Dialogue meetings for EU DG Research and NOAA, frequent foreign delegation hosting and other events.

Angel investors

Banks & asset-based finance

Corporate investors

Impact investors

Some of our Collaborators over the years

TMA BlueTech supports the
UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals