Fostering Innovation through Collaboration

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Why are BlueTech
Clusters important?

BlueTech clusters focus efforts and resources in the creation of a regional BlueVoice that is critical to protect the ocean and water resources.

Organized clusters are effective when they mobilize academia/education, industry, and policymakers (the “Triple Helix”).  TMA BlueTech is a leading BlueTech cluster in the US. In 2017, we helped launch the BlueTech Cluster Alliance (BTCA), an international consortium of leading BlueTech clusters.

"Organized Clusters" occur when regional recognition of a Business Cluster, funding, & leadership intersect.

A "Business Cluster" is a regional concentration of related industries that helps increase their competitiveness globally.  There is considerable research on why business clusters are important.

Global collaboration is in
our DNA

TMA BlueTech is looking for organized Blue Economy and BlueTech cluster partners globally that are focused on balancing economic, environmental, & social equity factors.

We are stronger by creating networks of clusters that promote collaboration internationally. This is the reason that TMA helped organize the BlueTech Cluster Alliance (BTCA) which currently has 10 leading OceanTech clusters in 8 countries and is expected to expand.


BTCA members are world leading organized BlueTech Clusters. Together, we support international collaboration and help inform policy decisions.

BTCA meets at international shows to discuss and promote our activities. Member clusters share best practices and explore ways to collaborate. With international recognition of the significance of the Blue Economy and BlueTech  growing rapidly, this is just the beginning!

Current BTCA Member Countries


Meet the BTCA Member Clusters

TMA BlueTech supports the
UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals