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Join us as we solve water-related challenges with sustainable, science-based technologies all while creating numerous and good-paying jobs in the global Blue Economy.

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All hands on deck are required to make a difference. With your financial support, we can fulfill our mission, achieve the UN 2030 SDG goals, and make a difference for years to come

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Headquartered in Norway, NORBIT is a global provider of tailored technology to selected niches, solving challenges through sustainable and innovative solutions, in line with its mission to Explore More. The company is structured in three business segments to address its key markets: Oceans targeting the global maritime markets, Connectivity providing wireless solutions for identification, monitoring and tracking, and Product Innovation and Realization (PIR) offering R&D services and contract manufacturing.

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Help raise the tide of ocean + water awareness by supporting sustainable, science-based tech in three critical ways.


The simplest way to fund our mission is to provide TMA grant funding. We keep our operations lean, so we have very little overhead. This ensures that grant funding achieves maximum value by allowing TMA to focus on its mission-critical activities rather than spending significant time chasing funding.

Startup Funds

One of our main challenges is that suitable BlueTech startup companies are cash-strapped. This makes it hard for such companies to join our membership base and gain access to our list of 24,700 domestic and international contacts or participate in our official events to gain exposure for their work.TMA works with accelerator programs at Scripps and the Port of San Diego to channel market-ready companies into our membership base. Your organization has the opportunity to fund startups of your choice to join our network and open doors for commercial growth and overall success. Not only will this option fund our mission at TMA, as well as further the economic growth and success of worthy upstarts, but you’ll be contributing significantly to the economic growth in a fast-growing sector: the Blue Economy!


If you are a commercial enterprise, or an organization that wants to gain exposure for your brand, you can become an official sponsor of TMA BlueTech. We feature two sponsorship categories, each with different tiers.

Annual Sponsorship:
The Annual Sponsorship earns your organization exposure at all of TMA’s official events throughout the entire year. This equates to numerous events in front of local, state, national and international audiences at our BlueTech Global Connect events, leadership roundtables and featured exposure at  BlueTech Week.

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BlueTech Week Sponsorship:
TMA’s seminal, event draws in an impressive array of global BlueTech companies, industry executives, academics and high-level politicos. Your sponsorship increases your brand exposure from our early promotional period (mid-October), all the way through the conclusion of the event (15th annual BlueTech Week – Nov. 13-17, 2023 – San Diego, CA). We have several sponsorship tiers to maximize your investment.

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