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Why join TMA BlueTech?

When asked, our members say the #1 reason to join is for our global community

As the leading San Diego nonprofit blue economy industry association, TMA BlueTech™ is a member-based organization that brings together education, policy, and industry to promote innovation and economic development within the ocean and water space. The below list are just a few of the benefits of membership.

- Access to our 24,700+ industry contact base
- Access to local, national, and domestic markets
- Presentation opportunities to tailored audiences
- Bespoke communications solutions
- Market Intelligence
- Inclusion in relevant trade missions
- Pilot project opportunities
- Access to regulatory and policy bodies
- Possibility for student intern projects
- Business workshops
- Access to capital providers
- Notification of business opportunities
- Notification of grant solicitations

Meet our member companies below!

Collaborate with Academia

We believe in educating tomorrow’s leaders in BlueTech and BlueSTEM. Our focus is on community outreach, research, and workforce development. This includes AquaOptimism™ (an online K-12 curriculum), a Blue Economy Summer Immersion Program, and BlueStem Career Videos.

Expansive Network across the Triple Helix

BlueTech’s wide and diverse network of over 20K contacts results in a rich global ecosystem of academia, industry and government ("Triple Helix").
BlueTech clusters focus efforts and resources in the creation of a regional BlueVoice that is critical to protect the ocean and water resources.

Growth Industry

Numbers show that this industry is growing rapidly. The Blue Economy is estimated to be at U.S. $3.0 trillion by 2030. Read The Blue Wave: Investing in BlueTech Clusters to Maintain Leadership and Promote Economic Growth and Job Creation report.

World-class events

Our events and collaborations result in the cross-pollination of visions and ideas between our members and partners. Join us to learn and contribute via our Events.


Key benefits of being a member

Be part of the leading U.S. BlueTech cluster


Access to the BlueTech network


Free pass to BlueTech Summit & Tech Expo during BlueTech Week


Overall sense of community in ocean & water tech! 


Brand Awareness and Logo Placement


Invitation to member only events


Discount to other BlueTech Week events


Members-Only newsletter and other communications


Introductions to investors, mentors and business development connections


Discounts to select partner events


Improved eligibility to trade missions and export programs


Access to BlueTech capital and network of funders

Membership tiers

Each of our tiers is customized to meet the needs of different organizations.


Individual Membership

Becoming a member of TMA at the individual level is tailored to a person who has a unique product or service and would like to utilize our 24,700+ contacts with industry, government, and investors from around the globe and our 14+ years of comprehensive industry experience to bring their ideas to market.
Your individual membership grants you access to:
Our BlueTech industry
Invitations to events  
 - BlueTech Global Connect webinar series
- Invite-only social mixers & hosted network events
Member-only communications
- LinkedIn groups    
- Microsoft
1 Free pass to the 2-day BlueTech Summit & Tech Expo ($700 value)
Looking for additional exposure? Ask about our Start-Up Membership Upgrade ($1000/year) to receive brand awareness and logo placement
See full Individual Membership details

Corporate Membership

From Start-up to Chairman’s Club, each of the corporate tiers couples your investment to a particular level of membership and benefits.
$1,000- $25,000
Benefits Vary By Level & May Include:
Free pass to 2-day BlueTech Summit & Tech Expo
Company promotions with brand awareness & logo placement
Corporate discount: 25% off additional BlueTech Week events
On-site networking event & company showcase
Board of Director’s seat for a senior officer
Named as Gold or VisionaryPartner sponsor during BlueTech Week
TMA BlueTech™ sponsor recognition
In addition all TMA BlueTech members receive access to our BlueTech industry, invitations to events, BlueTech Global Connect, mixers, and more.
See Full Corporate Details

Education Provider Membership

From Silver to Platinum, each of the Education Provider tiers couples the level of involvement your organization would like - to a particular level of membership and benefits.
(2-year minimum commitment required)
Benefits Vary Across Tiers But May Include:
Free pass to 2-day BlueTech Summit & Tech ExpoTabletop
Education discount: 33% off additional BlueTech events
Brand awareness and logo placement
Organized Site Visit
BlueTech Week Student & Faculty Experience
Hosted Event
In addition all TMA BlueTech members receive access to our BlueTech industry, invitations to events, BlueTech Global Connect, mixers, and more.
See Complete Education Tier Membership

Meet our members

TMA BlueTech has a growing list of members from many sectors - over 100 from start-up to multinationals, national and international. Please join us!

TMA BlueTech supports the
UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals