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At the heart of the Blue Economy, are the people

TMA believes that sharing stories of the pioneers of ocean and water tech, will inspire.

San Diego is a maritime town - it was discovered by sea, the city was built around one of the largest natural harbors on the West Coast, the U.S. Navy/Marine Corps are a major physical and economic presence, and our future is tied to the ocean and water. We are all the caretakers of our ocean and water resources and it is up to us to share the stories.  Learn about the history of San Diego’s water industry from its pioneers.

The people

Hear from many people in the Blue Economy.

BlueTech Careers

BlueTech Companies

The BlueVoice is comprised of many people working toward a common goal of sustainable, science-based ocean and water efforts.

"BlueTech and the Blue Economy defines all of the jobs and career paths you can take in water including both fresh and saltwater."

Hear Walter’s story

Walter Munk


On Walter’s 100th birthday, he offers advice to next-generation scientists and inspires all scientists. Walter Munk was a legendary oceanographer and his ability to forecast surf helped troops in World War II. His contributions to the study of oceans are immeasurable.

People should treat the oceans like we do anything else that we care about - with consideration, with care, and affection. That's it. For that we must educate.

Get John's story soon

John Delaney

University of Washington

More Details coming soon

What we’re doing is bringing the ocean to the world.

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UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals