TMA is the member-based organizer of the largest BlueTech cluster in the U.S.

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General overview

Providing the awareness and skills needed to compete in the Blue Economy is a top priority for TMA BlueTech.

We have a number of programs that support building awareness, educating students, providing first-hand experiences, and upskilling existing workers in order to fill the wide variety of jobs in the Blue Economy.  TMA BlueTech believes that a STEM education will help today’s students discover the problems faced by the water industry and provide the skills necessary to solve these scarcity issues. Often, it starts with ocean and water literacy.

Education Efforts

Summer Immersion

This 3-day program introduces students to the Blue Economy through hands-on learning through partner organizations.  From rowing and navigation skills, to simulating driving a ship, to ROV training or marine biology experience, students have access to real-world applications of the Blue Economy in action.

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BlueSTEM Internship

Take advantage of paid and unpaid BlueTech internships at our member companies.  Students are exposed to the world of work through by working on actual projects for a variety of our member companies.  Opportunities are high school students (11th & 12th) as well as college students.

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BlueTech Pathway

San Diego Unified School District is the first in the nation to offer a BlueSTEM Pathway for middle school and high school students.  Curriculum related to marine, and/or engineering to match California next generation teaching standards is under development

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Blue Economy Education Collab

For the first time, TMA Blue Tech brings together over 40 organizations concentrating on ocean and/or water related education programs.  By bringing this group together, we can leverage resources and bring meaningful, first-hand experiences to San Diego students.

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Education Partnerships

TMA BlueTech supports a variety of local school districts, training institutions, colleges, and universities.  Through these partnerships, we are able to provide programs that engage students and train them for jobs in the Blue Economy.

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TMA BlueTech supports the
UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals