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TMA is the member-based organizer of the largest BlueTech cluster in the U.S.

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What is the Pathway?

The BlueSTEM CTE Pathway connects San Diego's uniquely strong BlueTech industry to students in a way that is genuinely educational, exciting, and empowering.

The pathway introduces students the Blue Economy through their core classes - English, History, Science, and Math - in ways that are engaging and provide insight into an entire segment of jobs and careers that are impacting the world in sustainable and science-based ways.

.The BlueSTEM Pathway programs serves as a case study with the intent to scale and replicate in other schools and districts. By connecting teachers and students with industry, we are creating a model to improve both education and industry.

The BlueSTEM CTE Pathway Program is a reality due to the vision of San Diego Unified School District Executive Director of Secondary Schools, Cheryl Hibbeln, and Michael Jones from TMA BlueTech.

Education Efforts

The BlueTech Program is due to the generous support of these founding organizations.

blue stem domains

What is popular in Blue STEM, Game Design, Biology or Engineering?

Be part of the leading U.S. BlueTech cluster


Students apply concepts learned in biology, chemistry, physics, and marine biology to ocean and water related issues.


Students program applications and even design games focused on water including games that map local water ways.


Students design products that include sensors to measure water samples collected and evaluated in sciene classes.


No longer limited to two trains travelling in opposite directions, math problems are focused on real-world problems in water.

our aim

To highlight the efforts and activities of the BlueSTEM Pathway in our pilot schools and provide resources for others looking to launch similar programs

Career Pathways are coherent sequences of high school Career & Technical Education (CTE) courses that prepare students for careers and continued education. BlueSTEM pathway focuses around ocean and water related industries to provide real-world learning projects across mutiple subjects.

In Fall 2017, TMA kicked-off a collaboration with San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) through support from MiraCosta TCI to develop a BlueSTEM Career Pathway. Teachers at the pilot schools -  Pacific Beach Middle School and Mission Bay High School - develop curriculum for science, history, language arts, math, and engineering to match California's next generation teaching standards.

TMA is helping enhance the career pathway with post-secondary opportunities, including internships, externships for teachers, site visits with companies, industry speakers in the classroom, and likely “entrepreneurs-in-residence” on school premises. The goal is to align industry needs with the student experience. Students become aware of the array of technical and high-wage careers and can decide where they fit.

SDUSD will be introducing the motiff of BlueSTEM/BlueTech across their entire TK-12 program

This means 105,000 students will be learning about ocean and water related topics throughout the core subjects.

Multidisciplinary projects will be introduced such as a Sensors project for high school students that include math, biology, english, engineering, computer science, and history classes.

Every elementary school student will have their feet in the water and experience a boat ride.

Every middle school student will have access to water sensor projects.

Every high school student will be able to develop projects solving ocean and water challenges we face today.

Exploring Workforce in BlueTech

Brought to you through the partnership of MiraCosta TCI,, and TMA BlueTech.

Exploring Workforce in BlueTech

Brought to you through the partnership of MiraCosta TCI,, and TMA BlueTech.

TMA BlueTech supports the
UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals