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TMA is the member-based organizer of the largest BlueTech cluster in the U.S.

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What is the BEEC?

Blue Economy Education Collaborative (BEEC) is a group of ocean and water organizations that meet to share information and leverage resources

Formed in April 2017, the BEEC aims to coordinate formal and informal ocean and/or water related education and workforce development programs from commercial divers to Ph.Ds.

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Education Efforts

To provide a regular convening of organizations working on ocean and water industry education

To catalogue best practices for educational and workforce development programs related to water

To connect and leverage ongoing efforts in the San Diego region to maximize the development of a trained and skilled workforce for Ocean and Water industries

Our partners

TMA BlueTech has a growing list of members from many sectors - over 100 from start-up to multinationals, national and international. Please join us!

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See all members

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To get added to the BEEC list and share information about your organization or upcoming programs, click the link below.  We look forward to collaborating with you to create one BlueVoice in BlueTech education.

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Success stories

Excellent workshop yesterday.  Big thanks (to) Michael and team for bringing us together.

Patricia Reilly
Commander, USN (ret), Veteran Services Director Cal State San Marcos

The BEEC meeting connected Grossmont College and Cal State San Marcos Veterans Affiars Services.  As a direct result of the the BEEC, we were able to obtain support for a NSF grant that is now allowing us to offer Computer Science and Engineerings Pathway Development.

Javier Ayala
Dean, Grossmont College Career Technical Education

TMA BlueTech supports the
UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals