Trends and Opportunities in Maritime Data and Security

About the Roundtable

In collaboration with NORBIT, the Port of San Diego, the City of San Diego, and San Diego's Cyber Center of Excellence, TMA BlueTech is hosting a roundtable event with the theme Trends and Opportunities in Maritime Data and Security. This event will take place at the Port of San Diego this Thursday from 9am-12pm PDT.

We have put together a first-class list of maritime data and security experts, from the US Coast Guard, US Navy and a variety of private sector companies, to reveal insights into the trends and opportunities that are taking place in this growing sector.

How to Attend

Only our invited experts and members of TMA BlueTech are able to attend this event in person. To read the program description, agenda, and list of organizations/companies that will be attending this event in person, click here.

If you are not a member of TMA BlueTech and would like to join in order to get exclusive access to this event, and other events that we host throughout the year, as well as access to our expansive network, click here to fill out our membership application form.

We also have a virtual option for TMA members and non-members alike to attend this event. TMA members will have the opportunity to participate actively in the discussion, as well as request personal introductions to participants in the event. Non-members may listen only. If you would like to participate virtually, click here to register your interest.

We hope to see as many of you at this event as possible. You are sure to gain benefit from what is sure to be a fascinating and revealing discussion!


The intention with this event is 5-fold:

1. Feature new and innovative technologies in the field of maritime data and security;

2. Outline challenge areas to growth and implementation of new technologies in this sector and identify possible solutions;

3. Facilitate discussions among participants that solve identified challenge areas;

4. Create dynamic connections and integrated, collaborative possibilities among participating companies that serve points 1-3;

5. Allow for participants to facilitate, and benefit from, commercial opportunities.

Benefits for participants

● Exclusivity of this event will allow participants to drive narratives and first-mover advantages

● Different perspectives will allow for greater depth of possible solutions to challenges, or identifying new areas for commercial applications.

● Commercial players in the space will be a part of discussions that lead to unique partnership opportunities.

● The formation of a nucleus of partner organizations that will attract the attention of maritime data and security sector players across the board

● A better ability to attract a larger group of participants at BlueTech Week, where the discussion could be broader, yet continue to be more solutions-oriented.


● Date: Thursday, May 25th

● Time: 9am-12pm

● Place: Port of San Diego (3165 Pacific Hwy, San Diego, CA 92101)

● Virtual participation available via special permission only


● Tyagi: Advisor in dual-use BlueTech and venture finance; Volunteer as strategic initiatives officer at California Military Dept; Founder of Berkeley Marine Robotics, Advisor to TMA Board of Directors

● Adil Ashiq, Executive North America - West Coast, MarineTraffic


- 9:00: Meet and greet (coffee and snacks provided)

- 9:20: Matt Classen, Executive Director of TMA BlueTech, provides welcome and outlines broader goals with event

- 9:25: Sushil Tyagi kicks off event agenda with importance of security/data sector

- 9:30: Keynote address by ex-COTP Captain Timothy Barelli about future maritime security trends 

- 10:00: Group discussions on top 4 themes in maritime data and security: Moderated by Sushil Tyagi and Adil Ashiq:

- Cybersecurity: The importance of maritime OT/ICS cyber - is it urgent or long-term?

- Ocean data: Coastal/sea mapping and new sensor tech -  is it a gap or overdone?

- Dual-use Tech funding: Need to bridge the valley of death between innovation and industry - by government or VC

- Border Port - Issues of contraband/trafficking specific to SD - is it unique or universal?

- 11:00: In-person demo by Sai Huda, Founder and CEO of CyberCatch, w Q/A

- 11:15: Virtual demo by Jon Marcus, VP of Sales and Custom Solutions of NORBIT Subsea, w Q/A

- 11:30: Q/A and wrap-up by Classen/Tyagi

- 11:35: Networking till 12:00

Confirmed In-Person Attendees (names of organizations only)

- TMA BlueTech

- United States Coast Guard, Blue Tech Center Of Expertise

- United States Coast Guard

- Naval Surface Warfare Center Port Hueneme Division, US Navy

- Naval Information Warfare Center Pacific

- General Dynamics NASSCO

- City of San Diego

- Port of San Diego

- National Security Innovation Catalyst

- US Department of Commerce

- Future Concepts and Innovation, Headquarters of the US SEAL Teams

- MarineTraffic

- Devine

- CyberCatch

- CyberGeist Security

- Mitre

- Lockton San Diego

- Sidus Solutions

- Orca Maritime

- Common Mission Project

- SRS (Strategic Robotic Systems)

Confirmed Virtual Attendees (names of organizations only)



- European Space Agency

- Bourbon Subsea Services

- Ocean Aero

- Port-IT B.V.

- Canadian Consulate

- Saildrone

- Blue Robotics

- Blue Native Consulting

- Envase

- Third Rail Technologies

- Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá

- Futurist TAO - Emerging Tech, Climate, Data/Analytics & Funding, Consultants

- IASME Consortium

- Dolphin Labs

- BlueLotus Energy

- Ocean Motion Tech

- Open Ocean Robotics

- Tampa Deep Sea Xplorers

- Halo Maritime Defense Systems

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