The Value of TMA Membership

January Member Update from our Executive Director, Matt Classen

One of TMA's biggest advantages as a member company is our list of connections around the world. As of right now, we have over 24,701 contacts with industry, investors and government officials both in the US and around the world. When you pair this with our 14 years of deep industry experience, our value proposition as a member-based organizer becomes clear.

That said, and never wanting to rest on our laurels, in 2022 TMA will be placing even more focus on creating as much value for our members as possible. In addition to simply being a part of our network, we have outlined 10 points that we feel will add improved value for our members.

10 Benefits for Members in 2022:

1. Increasing our member base

A wide and varied membership base adds value for all members. Our goal for 2022 is to increase the number of our member companies by 20%.

Get to know more of our members.

2. More open member connections

Members need to be able to freely connect with each other in order to identify collaborative potentials. As such we have created a LinkedIn group that is only open to current TMA members. This group will allow the points of contact for each member company to liaise with other members at their leisure.

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3. Restarting monthly BlueTech Global Connect (BGC)  events

BGC events are mini BlueTech Week events held on a monthly basis. They are 1-1.25 hours long and feature both member and non-member companies. The purpose is not only to share fascinating technologies, but to provide a forum where our members can connect and network. We expect to restart BGC events by this coming February.

We will keep or events page populated with dates and registration opportunities.

4. Roundtables

At this point in human history, the BlueTech and the Blue Economy hold both discovered and undiscovered potentials. Roundtable discussions will bring together people from varying industries and perspectives to provide market intelligence and networking opportunities in a rapidly evolving landscape.

After roundtable discussions end, we will facilitate a social mixer where members and invitees alike can network informally.

Look for announcements coming on when and how to attend.

5. Promoting your company’s news via our digital channels

We want to promote your company updates! If you want to share news about  your company successes, you can provide this info via our online form. Once we receive this information, we will optimize your message and  broadcast it via our digital channels (newsletters, TMA’s LinkedIn page and even our blog for longer-form stories).

Submit your update today --> here.

6. Send us your company videos!

We want to provide as much engaging information about your company as possible. Video is one of the best ways to do that! If you have a video about your company, or want to share specific product or service information via video, you can send us your video and we’ll put it on our YouTube page, and optimize/share it via our digital channels.  

7. Annual reviews with member companies

It is important that we keep up with the needs of your company. As such, each of our members will be entitled to an annual review where TMA gets an update on your priorities and identifies ways in which your company can make maximum use of your membership 

8. Connecting with other channels to amplify communications

In 2022, TMA will seek to utilize the communications channels of strategic partners to broaden the reach of our member companies.

9. Continuing to grow our national and international connections

One of the strengths of TMA is our connection to both domestic and international markets. This includes not only companies, but policy makers  as well. We will continue to expand our connections both domestically and internationally for the benefit of our member companies.

10. Renewed focus on connections with the US Navy/US Coast Guard

The Office of Naval Research (ONR), and the US Coast Guard’s Blue Technology Center of Expertise (BTCOE) are both in San Diego. And both are constantly  looking for innovative scientific and technological solutions in the Blue  space. Given these crucial programs, TMA will look to deepen connections with these institutions to better open doors for our member companies.  

Should you have additional questions or thoughts, feel free to reach out Matt Classen at

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