Trade Mission 1: Ocean Business 2023

Join TMA at Ocean Business 2023

Thousands of attendees from around the world will meet at the 2023 OceanBusiness (OB) exhibition at the National Oceanography Centre (NOC) in Southampton, UK.

This biennial event is considered one of the leading ocean tech trade shows globally and will showcase hundreds of exhibitors’ latest products and services in an in-person, hands-on environment.

This OB show comes at a pivotal moment for the ocean. In 2015 the UN unanimously approved the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development with 17 Sustainable Development Goals. And the UN Decade of Ocean Science runs 2021-2030 as the world strengthens its efforts to mobilize, create and drive solutions for “The Science We Need for the Ocean We Want”.

This is the time to forge global partnerships to propel much needed science-based innovative solutions focused on a new chapter of sustainable ocean growth.

TMA's Involvement

TMA will coordinate all aspects related to trade show pavilion space, lodging and additional events.

$2,750 per company (discounted ~45% to normal rate) includes a 1-square meter pod in the TMA BlueTech Pavilion located in one of the most highly trafficked and visible locations at the OB trade show (booth V1).

This spot is located at the entrance to the Dockside Hall, and will include:

● Poster signage, cabinet, electrical, exhibitor listing, meeting areas

● Hotel lodging for 6 nights for one person

● B2B networking, group dinners, networking receptions

● TMA support and possible site visits in Southampton

● Each additional person is $1,200 (assumes 6 nights)

Download Agenda and Full Details

For all the information, as well as a detailed agenda please open or download the following attachment:

DOWNLOAD: USTMEI Ocean Business 2023 Details

Addition Information

● TMA BlueTech has signed an MOU with the NOC. Companies participating in the USMTEI will have access to additional activities and networking.

● TMA BlueTech is a proud member of the BlueTech Cluster Alliance (BTCA) – the international network of 10 leading BlueTech clusters from 8 countries – and will be coordinating meetings with cluster partner corporate members during OB.

● TMA Europe has been established in Portugal with BTCA partner Forum Oceano (the national BlueTech cluster) and will be assisting U.S. companies interested in setting up in the EU market.

April Update!

Continued Partnership with the International Trade Administration

TMA BlueTech has continued its partnership with the U.S. Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration to increase exports from small and medium sized ocean companies (SMEs) from across the United States. With partial funding from the Market Development Cooperator Program (MDCP), the U.S. Maritime Technology Export Initiative (USMTEI) helps offset costs for U.S. companies to exhibit at key industry trade shows.

For its latest mission, TMA has brought together a delegation of eight American companies to attend the Ocean Business trade show at the National Oceanography Centre (NOC) in Southampton, UK. This biennial event is considered one of the leading ocean tech trade shows globally and will showcase hundreds of exhibitors’ latest products and services in an in-person, hands-on environment.

From April 16-22, TMA’s delegation of companies will not only have an exhibition spot at our pavilion (located at spot V1), but will be able to take part in B2B matchmaking, site visits, and after-hours activities throughout the week.

Meet the Member Company Delegation

SubSeaSail -
SubSeaSail™ (SSS) makes 100% energy harvesting, long-duration, uncrewed autonomous vessels and unique, low SWaP(Size, Weight and Power) sensors available for ocean data collection, communications, and payload deployment that are more economical, reliable, convenient, and sustainable than other offerings. Vessels have the capability to submerge to avoid bad actors/weather and/or to listen/monitor underwater.SSS’s Passive Wingsail Control Mechanism sets the rigid wing sail at the optimal angle for propulsion without the use of complicated, expensive or vulnerable electronics, pulleys, or lines. One of SSS’s key patents allows for the vessel’s hull to sail below the waterline, greatly reducing drag, wake, and visual signature. Other patents relate to the ability to submerge to hold position underwater, to listen/monitor or to right a capsized multi-hull cargo vessel underwater to be able to return to the surface.

Contact: ManagingPartner, Michael Jones,

Seatrec Inc. -
Seatrec’s  infiniTE™ float – the first-of-its-kind platform with plug-and-play sensors, powered by clean, renewable energy to solve the power limitation issues of legacy floats. The platform vertically integrates a wide range of sensors (previously impossible to mount on a float because of power limitations) with a pioneering energy harvesting system that generates electricity from the ocean’s temperature differences. Seatrec floats can profile up to 3x per day, at a depth of up to 1000 meters compared to legacy floats that profile once every 10 days. These next-generation floats can be launched from sailboats with no carbon footprint and are built for endurance, facilitating long-term, data-gathering deployments.
Contact: President & CEO, Yi Chao,

ThayerMahan. -
ThayerMahan is reinventing how we monitor the world's oceans to protect national security, trade routes, undersea infrastructure, borders and global fisheries. ThayerMahan provides itscustomers the actionable cross-domain intelligence they need to maintain decision superiority. Customers use ThayerMahan's systems to expand their coverage, improve their awareness, and reduce their costs as compared to traditional monitoring assets. By merging unparalleled experience with rapid innovation, ThayerMahan is disrupting the conventional models of maritime domain awareness to deliver great value.
Contacts: Director International Programs, Mike Varney, and Bob Tarrant,

Numurus -
Numurus helps companies reduce the cost, time, and risks associated with bringing robotic, smart sensing and Edge-Applications to market with its patent-pending flagship product NEPI, a Linux operating system specifically designed for in-field smart solutions. Their goal is to help developers focus on the end-customer solution and offload low-levelOS, drivers, and middleware to NEPI, reducing development times from years to months for new product developments. Numurus also provides its customers access to NEPI-enabled edge-compute hardware solutions and smart system engineering services with AI, robotic, and smart sensing specialized engineers that further accelerate smart system product development efforts.
Contact: CEO, Jason Seawall,

SurClean. -
SurClean manufactures laser coating removal and surface preparation equipment that is precise, safe and clean. SurClean’s systems replace current methods of chemical, abrasive blast and high pressure water blast that generate hazardous waste and are difficult to control, creating unsafe work environments. SurClean’s laser ablation solution reduces the time, money and risk associated with removing rust, dirt, paint and other coatings.
Contact: President and CEO, Susan Sprentall,

PolyGone Systems -
PolyGone Systems produces the PlasticHunter, a modular, affordable floating wetland unit that collects and removesmicroplastic debris from rivers via plant root biofilters. Launched in May2021, PolyGone began as a research component of Nathaniel Banks & YidianLiu’s joint Architectural thesis at Princeton University. Their thesis research nultimately proposed the development of novel infrastructure for the  recycling of aquatic plastic waste.
Contact: Co-founder, Yidian Liu,, Nathaniel Banks,

C-LARs -
Established in 2015, C-LARs, LLC is a world-class manufacturing company, capable of engineering and manufacturing custom solutions for hydraulic and electrical systems, used around the world in all types of environments. C-LARs is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer of engineered winches, launch & recovery systems, hydraulic cylinders, sheaves, and associated deck equipment. The company serves a global client base, including aerospace, oceanographic, military, government, and commercial users.
Contact: Business Development, Howard Goman,

Tampa DeepSea Xplorers -
Based in Tampa, Florida, Tampa Deep SeaXplorers LLC (TDSX) manufactures Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUV). Their products enhance scientific data collection in the ocean down to 4000 meters.Their UUV’s are both robust and affordable for individuals and small institutions. Formed for the purpose of competing in the Shell Ocean DiscoveryXPRIZE,  the TBDSX team was awarded“Runner Up” in the NOAA Challenge portion and was one of seventeen semi-finalist teams in the overall competition. The hardware used in the competition is of their own design and is proprietary to TDSX.
Contact: Founder and CEO, Ed Larson,

TMA BlueTech™ -
TMA BlueTech is the member-based organizer of a leading BlueTech cluster in the U.S. and one of the largest inthe world. We believe that organized, regional BlueTech clusters (“Thinkglobal, act regional”) are the best way to explore and protect ocean and waterresources. BlueTech companies create the technology to understand problems anddevelop solutions to address them. Our Mission states, “We believe in creatingBlueTech and Blue Jobs by promoting sustainable, science-based ocean and waterindustries.” Founded in San Diego in 2007, TMA BlueTech has a growing number ofmembers in the U.S. and abroad.
Contact: Executive Director, Matt Classen,

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