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BTI’s participant companies are TMA members who have applied for and benefit from our BlueTech Incubator program. Each company has received tailored services based on their needs and expertise.

Benchmark Labs

Benchmark Labs will disrupt traditional weather forecasting and agricultural insurance by providing asset-specific weather forecasts, and by leveraging proprietary data-streams from IoT sensors to improve parametric insurance models.

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Delawarde Consulting


A boutique consulting firm run by our entrepreneur in residence Chris Ward. Delawarde Consulting provides professional strategic consulting services to technology-focused companies in the highly fragmented marine and water instrumentation industries.

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Intellecy is a producer of intelligent smart home products. The Intellecy BluViewTM is a smart water system that protects home's against water leaks and helps homeowner's manage their water so they can save water and lower their bill.

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Ocean Motion

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Unmanned Systems Operations Group


Unmanned solutions today with technology of tomorrow.

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XST inc.


XST is a small business providing consulting services which facilitate the implementation of technology and processes to maximize human capital. They focus primarily in data collection and analysis for maritime mission planning.

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