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Spring has hit San Diego with light showers and epic blooms. As businesses reopen we look forward to welcoming our members to more events featuring water and ocean sustainability.

Check out these TMA BlueTech Member opportunities both online and at local venues.


  • Member company BMNT/H4X Labs is hosting two events:
  • Virtual SoCal Blue Tech Innovation Day -The goal of this event is to highlight how important the blue tech ecosystem has become in the region and to connect the ecosystem more systematically to ensure that companies have access to capital and resources. Panels to include - State of the Blue Economy and Access to Capital: Blue Tech.
  • BlueTech Ecosystem Series – Designed for BlueTech industries looking to pitch one-on-one with investors and key ecosystem leaders in the VC and BlueTech space. Go to the link embedded to apply to pitch.


  • San Diego Community College District is looking to broaden the participation of students who study geoscience and pursue geoscience careers.  
  • Waverly Ray, Associate professor in the Geography and Social Science department, has informed TMA BlueTech that geosciences remain the least diverse of the STEM fields. She is reaching out to employers with an interest in diversifying the workforce and creating pathways to geoscience careers for our students.
  • Contact Waverly Ray at: or 619.388.2408.
  • Waverly invites TMA members to attend a meeting with our geosciences faculty and other employers on Friday, April 29, from 1 to 3:30pm on Zoom. The discussion will center around employer perspectives on the equity gaps in the industry, what makes job candidates stand out from the competition, skills gaps that exist for recent hires, and potential career mentoring and internship opportunities for our students. We hope that this meeting will fuel the creation of a Geosciences Advisory Board for our community college district. The overarching purpose is to foster ongoing conversations to create a pipeline of diverse talents from our classrooms to your industry by matching our students’ talents and goals to your workforce needs. Your voice and insights are needed to inform the goals and objectives for the advisory board.  


  • Keep an eye on Ocean Exchange. Every spring is the start of their Orcelle and Neptune awards, and they are going to announce it soon. These are innovative, proactive and globally scalable Solutions with working prototypes that can leap across industries, economies and cultures– innovations that generate economic growth and increased productivity, while reducing the use of nature’s resources and waste.


  • The NSF Convergence Accelerator is inviting proposals for Enhancing Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities,  Sustainable Materials for Global Challenges, and Food & Nutrition Security.  
  • Click on the link above for more information, you can also see the broad agency announcement on


  • For those who have attended our BlueTech Global Connect, you'll know we have a moderator each month to not only facilitate the call but to share their perspective to the discussion. We love to share this opportunity with our TMA Members as a way to connect more fully with the community.
  • What does it take to moderate? Each moderator has a 10-minute time slot introduce themself and talk about their company to the participants. They will also keep the presenters on time and drive the roundtable discussion after the 3 presenters are finished. TMA will be working with each moderator by also keeping an eye on time, and collating the questions that come in through a chat function and inputting them in a google doc to hopefully make your moderating duties turn key.
  • If you're interested in being a future moderator, please email Danielle Muller.

We wish you all a great spring. To keep up to date with all of our TMA BlueTech activities follow us on LinkedIn and sign up for our newsletters.

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